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Seeds of Potential

Hello! It's nice to meet you. I am Sharon creative alchemist, founder of SUNBOW,  I love to bring a fresh perspective to strategic creative thinking, particularly within the evolving field of artificial intelligence. Using the principles of Design Thinking, I gently guides individuals to think from the end to the beginning.

In my work As a visual artist I combine artificial intelligence inspiration
by nature. The new series "The Seeds of Potential" illustrates my creative processes throughout the years. Its purpose is to expose the viewers to a new world where they return to the inner core of their deep potential. I believe that in the new world today we are required to learn from the beginning to discover everything that already lies within us. Like nature we come with knowledge with which we are required to lead the world to a new place.

The exhibition will be presented in July in an immersive exhibition in Tel Aviv.
In all the processes I follow today,
I allow creation to lead me to the
core of potential.

Sunbow Life 

By discovering nature you discover yourself




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